Yasukuni Shrine Daisho

Kotani Yasunori

YASUKUNI KRAZY!!!   Here's a Super package for you, a Yasukuni Shrine Daisho by Kotani Yasunori, the Last Living Yasukuni Shrine sword smith.  Born 7 Jan 1909 with the given name Kenzo, Kotani came to the Yasukuni Shrine Nihonto Tanren kai Foundation as the student assistant to Kajiyama Yasunori.  He was given the Yasukuni smith name of Yasunori by the war minister, Hayashi Senjuro in 1935. He remained with the Foundation until Japan's defeat in 1945 and obtained a license to make art swords that same year.  Swords that he made outside of the Shrine  were signed Takenori. His swords are highly regarded and he won many awards including being accepted 5 times at the Shinsaku Meito Ten.  Kotani died 1 March 2003 and was the last surviving sword maker from the Tanren Kai.
I am pleased to show off this pair of quality swords.  First the dai.  Flawless and in crisp new Japanese polish, this sword is also used as an example in Tom Kishida's wonderful book, "The Yasukuni Swords Rare Weapons of Japan 1935 -1945".  You will find it on page 64.  26 1/4 inches of flashing razor perfection! 

Next is the sho.  A very rare Yasukuni shrine tanto in ORIGINAL shirasaya with original wooden habaki in full polish signed and dated by Yasunori.  Blade length is just a hair under 9 inches.  Although these blades were not made as a set originally they go together perfectly.  You can imagine how hard it is to put together a matching 20Th century daisho.  Here is one from the Yasukuni Shrine by it's last living smith.  How cool is that?!!  Historical info on Kotani was obtained from Kishida's great book.  If you ain't got it, GET IT!